A Flat Belly In 7 Seconds

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

We’re ALL looking for quick, easy ways to flatten the belly, right?

I’m talking about that area right below the belt line, often referred to as the “pooch”.

And if you DON’T know where the “pooch” area is, please present yourself, because I’ve never met a woman yet who didn’t know precisely where it is!

The exercise I have to share with you today is ALSO easy to take on the road, so it’s perfect for travel – or even a commute! Recently I had the chance to utilize my isometric skills to great benefit, in terms of energy (AND intermittent body shaping!). Yes my friends, it was during a 14 hour flight across continents, on the way to and from Italy, that I pulled isometrics out of my exercise arsenal!

This is one of exercises that I utilized with great success.

Isometric Power Breathing and Belly Flattening:

(The details are demonstrated in the video; at the same time, here is a short written overview)

Yes, this exercise is perfect seated, standing, and even lying down! Of course on the plane when seated, it proves to keep posture improved during a long flight, keep my energy more even, and even helped with digestion!

And all it takes is a few rounds of 7 second holds!

Here’s how:

Step One: Inhale slowly (I use a count of 7)

Step Two: Slowly and evenly exhale, while at the same time being mindful of pulling the abdominal wall IN in a contracting fashion to assist with the “out” breath (count of 7 works well here, too).

Step Three: When you have achieved full exhale and peak of contraction through the abdominal muscles, give it all a good SQUEEZE (as hard as you can! Like squeezing a fist)

Step Four: Let go, allow the breath to rush back in, and repeat the entire sequence, say, 7 times! You can take extra breaths in between if you need the catch-up. This is like a whole series of situps….sitting up!

Precautions: if you have high blood pressure challenges, you should never hold the breath during exertion phase of exercise, so continue breathing through the hold of the muscle squeeze rather than allowing yourself to hold the breath.

For easy at-home practice, check out the Fit Quickies™ #1 audio download of this move.  Easy, targeted body shapers under 5 minutes here:  Fit Quickies™.

© Lani Muelrath

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