Vegan myths debunked song(Video!)

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

This short rap was just too adorable for me not to share with you right away.

Calcium, protein, zinc, vitmin B12 -it’s all in there.

Thanks to Jonathan Mann and Ivory King for this charming little song that’s got a powerful message debunking vegan myths wrapped in this sweet, simple gift.  Enjoy and share your thoughts in comments below!


More on B12, plus veg sources for non-animal product eaters here:  Do you need to supplement  with vitamin B12?

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  • Jennifer says:

    What a total upper. Just gets you smiling and feeling positive about everything! Plus a great item to link to others. Thanks Lani for also adding the links to the B12 articles!


    • Lani says:

      Hey Jennifer, I know! That’s why I just had to put it in your hads. So glad you like it and stopped in to tell me!

  • JaniceN says:

    The song is very cute and fun. I love her eye shadow! Looks like an artist did it.

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