T. Colin Campbell ‘Whole’ co-author Howard Jacobson interview and book giveaway

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

With Howard Jacobson at Vegetarian Summerfest, Johnstown, PA.

What a delightful surprise to discover, in my mailbox, a package addressed to “The Plant-Based Fitness Expert” from Ben Bella books, containing their most recent release Whole:  Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by one of the most respected science and nutrition writers of our time, T. Colin Campbell and co-author Howard Jacobson, PhD.  Honored by this gift and excited to get started, I tore into the book that very afternoon and sent a quick thank you note off to the publisher who had included a kind, personalized note to me inside.


 They also put me in touch with Howard Jacobson right away so that he and I could have a conversation about this new masterpiece.   Not only that, but Howard and I compared calendars and discovered we were both scheduled to be presenters at the 2013 Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA.  It seemed to just kept getting better!

Howard graciously answered some interview questions pronto, which I’ve included in their entirety for you in this article.  We also arranged to meet up at Summerfest and as you can imagine never ran short of topics to discuss while there!  Howard, an instant Fit Quickies fan, interviewed me for a recent podcast on the new website that is that is an outgrowth of the book Whole, wholevana.com immediately upon return from Summerfest. (You can catch the audio of Howard’s interview of me here: Wholevana interview of Lani Muelrath:  the Plant-Based Fitness Expert.)  Quite the honor!

Back to the book.

Whole does just as its title promises:  it explains why, when it comes to what we eat, foods as presented in their natural, unprocessed state deliver more than we might imagine, nutrition that cannot be duplicated by fractioning them into a pile of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.  In this case, the whole is truly more than the sum of its parts.  I’ve long had my suspicions about isolated nutrients and super supplements – it just seemed that the best way to offer nutrition to our bodies is to invite nutrients to the table in a state where they come along with all of their ‘friends’.  You know, whole.

Perhaps the best snapshot of the compelling content in Whole can be found on pages 152 – 153:

Red Apple with heart

In studying the apple, Professor Liu and his team began by choosing to focus on vitamin C and its antioxidant effect.  They found that 100 grams of apples (about a half cup) had an antioxidant, vitamin-C like activity equivalent to 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C, (about 3 times the amount of a typical vitamin C supplement).  When they chemically analyzed that 100 grams of the whole apple, however, they found only 5.7 milligrams of vitamin C, far below the 1,500 milligrams that the level of antioxidant activity associated with the vitamin C indicated.  

The vitamin-C like activity from 100 grams of whole apple was an astounding 263 times as potent as the same amount of the isolated chemical!  Said another way, the specific chemical we refer to as vitamin C accounts for much less than 1 percent of the vitamin C-like activity in the apple – a miniscule amount.  The other 99-plus percent of this activit is due to other vitamin C-like chemicals in the apple, the possible ability of vitamin C to be much more effective in context of the whole apple than it is when consumed in an isolated form, or both.  ~Whole, pages 152 – 153.

Interview questions for Howard Jacobson

To get right to the heart of things, I asked Howard to respond to the following three questions so that I could report his answers back to you.

Lani Muelrath:  Describe the two to three biggest takeaways you would like for readers to get from reading Whole.

Howard Jacobson:

  1. Most of what you’ve been told about nutrition just isn’t true. The profit motive has replaced most science with marketing, and few people in government or media or medicine are incentivizes or even trained to tell the difference.
  2. You can prevent, halt, and even reverse most diseases through an “open-source” approach to health. No longer is your health and longevity in the hands of the fates, or dependent on the prescriptions of doctors and the good will of insurance companies. The real key to vibrant health is within your control – the food that you choose to put into your body every single day.
  3. Switching to a Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle is one of the most powerful steps you can take for your health, for society, and for the planet as a whole.

Lani Muelrath:   Name two immediate action steps that people can take to advance the Whole message in their lives.

Howard Jacobson:

  1. Assess your current state of health. Get some bloodwork done. Ask yourself, “Am I where I want to be?” Look at your energy levels, your moods, your weight, your fitness, and your key predictive numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.  (If you’re taking meds or have a condition such as diabetes, let your doctor know that you’ll be improving your diet and expect to reduce or eliminate your prescriptions over the coming days and weeks.)
  2.  Try a complete plant-based immersion for 21 days. Be patient while your taste buds adjust, and commit to giving yourself the gift of the world’s healthiest diet. And see what happens. After 21 days, my prediction is that you’ll never want to go back.

Lani Muelrath: List two activist steps that people can take to advance the Whole message in the world.

Howard Jacobson:

  1. Become a shining example of the goodness of the WFPB lifestyle. Walk around so people look at you and say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”
  2. Become a critical consumer of health claims, and ask critical questions when you hear dubious ones. “Who funded the study? What are their assumptions? What problem are they trying to solve? What questions are the researchers asking (and what aren’t they asking)? What’s the evidence for their conclusions? What unforeseen consequences might come from accepting these conclusions?

Inspired?  That’s the message of Whole:  to inspire you to cut through the clutter of nutrient isolation marketing and focus on whole foods on your plate.  I just want people eating more plants and moving their bodies more, and Whole underscores wholistic.

How to enter to win a copy of Whole

For one entry in the drawing:  Simply leave a comment below to leave your thoughts with regards to this question:  Which of Howard’s interview questions above do you identify with  most, and why?

To receive five entries in the drawing:  Complete the task above AND forward your Amazon receipt for a purchase of Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body Shaping Workouts dated August 1 – 4, 2013 to admin@lanimuelrath.com.  I’m always looking for extra ways to encourage you to keep eating more plants and moving your body!

Winner will be selected August 6th.

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  • Janiece says:


    Fantastic article! Here is my entry:

    1) “Be a shining example” – THAT has been a really big game changer for me, instead of talking my actions and changing health have brought comments and questions. It’s really good advice to pass along.

    2) I already own Fit Quickies but love to give away copies as well so just ordered another copy and sent you my receipt.


    • Wow, that was fast Janiece – I love your enthusiasm!

      I’ve found the modeling – the live by example – to be, at the end of the day, the most powerful sell point. Obviously you are a good living and breathing example that has drawn admiration. I’m so thrilled for you!

      I’m so excited you ordered Fit Quickies! Who will be the lucky recipient of the new copy – anyone in mind?

      Thanks for your entry!


  • Katherine says:

    I love giveaways!

    1) I think ‘be a critical consumer of health claims’ is really good advice. When you don’t know who is doing the promoting – and so many times it turns out that some kind of ‘news’ is actually an add -???

    2) Just sent my receipt for Fit Quickies to you for a five entry go. Just like the person above I have a copy (and love it!) but it’s never too early to pick up a Christmas present.

    Summerfest looks like it was really a lot of fun. Maybe next year?!


    • Kathering – I’m a big fan of giveaways to – especially giving them!

      Being a critical consumer is SO important – and Whole underscores exactly why.

      Christmas gift planning! You go! Consider your 5 entries in the hat!


  • Cindy says:

    I like when he says “Become a shining example…… Walk around so people look at you and say, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Goes along with the old saying “Actions speak louder than words!” For myself, when I see somebody promoting a diet or lifestyle change and they are overweight & unhealthy looking….I’m not in the least bit interested in hearing what they have to say or reading their book. I think “Well it’s obviously not working for them”. Being an example is always a better witness to others, rather than trying to convince them with words.

  • Barb says:

    I identify with the 21-day challenge. I eat mostly plants, but add too much fat and sugar. My health would be much better if I would cut those things out. The reminder of what whole foods can do in 21 days is very encouraging.

  • Tracy says:

    Be a shining example really resonates with me! I get so excited and passionate sharing with people my plant based diet which includes lots of juicing! I love to juice! I’m fortunate, health has always been intuitive and easy for me. I realize it is not the case for many. I like to emphasize how easy it can be. Have not read Whole so here is my entry and hoping I get a copy! Thank you!

  • Christine says:

    I find the statement ‘The real key to vibrant health is within your control – the food that you choose to put into your body every single day.’ sums it up for me.
    Simple, achievable and so hopeful for me, and for my family.

  • anna says:

    I am not at all surprised they have contacted you Lani, you are such a well respected advocate to the whole food eating way of life, bet you were so rapt and what a privilege for the both of you who are on the same page to get together to chat , by the way I ordered WHOLE over 2 weeks ago so should receive it any day now, cant wait to read it as I am also a big fan of Dr Campbell after reading the china study, cheers Anna

  • Stephanie says:

    I’d say that we can take control of our health through a plant based diet.

  • Ann Blee says:

    I truly believe his statement that you can “prevent, halt or even reverse disease through an open source approach to health.” A whole food plant-based diet is my number one defense to having a healthy survivorship after breast cancer. We have control over a very powerful tool…the food we eat.

  • Nelson says:

    The most important thing I got is that switching to a WFPB WOE is the most powerful thing we can do for our health, our society, and our planet.

  • The question I most identify with is:
    Name two immediate action steps that people can take to advance the Whole message in their lives.

    Most people my age, late 30’s male, have never had a blood test done! I get my levels checked about every two years and have since I turned thirty and started adjusting my diet. If you have a problem, isn’t it better to find out while you are still young, and have the time and effort to fix it? Why wait until you are 40, 50, or older, maybe too unfit / lacking energy to exercise (or think you are)?
    This is also the age our parents start to potentially face their own mortality, my Dad at 68 runs still every day (even after a hip replacement), my Mom works out every day, but some people are retired and sit on the couch.

    I think it is like anything else, the earlier you can start the better, changing your diet can be hard, but if you can do something for 21 days I guarantee you may not lose your craving for meat / other bad foods quite yet, but you will feel better, have more energy, and your numbers will turn around immediately, real proof that this can not just work but work for you!

  • Madeline says:

    I’ve copied and saved the text of this interview because I want to refer to it in the future. I really liked what Howard said about applying critical thinking to health claims and medical research. I have a relative who’s involved in pyramid marketing of expensive health supplements, and I need Howard’s questions when I’m being pressured to buy these dubious (in my opinion) products!

  • Judy says:

    I love his comment about your health is no longer up to the fates, prescriptions or insurance companies, but in your control. It’s hard for people to realize this without proper education because of what they see as soon as they walk through the supermarket door.

  • I agree that most of what we have been told about nutrition is limited or based on profit not our health. The worst part is that people believe it. We have been duped as a society by “authorities” to believe that what has been processed will taste and be better for us than it’s source(s). Our taste buds have been sabotaged and taken captive by the food industry.

  • The first question is the most all encompassing and I would think sizes up the situation for most people over the age of 40. Too many meds, too few lab results, too little planning for success, too tired, too fat…

  • cynthia says:

    The quote, “Most of what you’ve been told about nutrition just isn’t true. The profit motive has replaced most science with marketing, and few people in government or media or medicine are incentivized or even trained to tell the difference.” is what’s so difficult… people think they’re eating nutritiously when they’re told by the so-called experts to eat meat and dairy. It’s very hard to counter the prevailing thinking, so I’m grateful for the efforts of Dr. Campbell and other to spread the word… some of my friends don’t even want to have me over for dinner any more because they think my way of eating is too difficult!

  • Anne says:

    When Jacobson says, “Switching to a Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle is one of the most powerful steps you can take for your health, for society, and for the planet as a whole.” I can totally relate! I began this journey almost 1.5 years ago and it has been revolutionary for my health. People that I haven’t seen for a long time are stunned by the outward changes and they have no idea what has taken place that they can’t see. It has been life changing.

  • Maria Yanoti says:

    Three months ago, I decided to take action and control of my life by joining a CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) class. My cholesterol was high and so was my blood pressure. Over a year before this, I took a Food for Life class provided by my hospital. That started my desire to learn more about plant based eating. However, the class met once a week for a month and unfortunately, I strayed away and started to consume meats and dairy. At my wellness exam I found that my cholesterol was dangerously high! My blood pressure was also high! Four months after this, I received an email from a dietician at work who helped bring the Food for Life class to our hospital. She told me that they were bringing a CHIP program to our hospital and 30 people would be selected to participate. This was a miracle and a life changing point in my life! I was selected and started the program in May of this year. I’ve lost weight without trying and I am eating wholesome foods as grown, nothing processed! I do not miss the meat nor the sweets! I love cooking this way and now I am spreading the word to my sisters who are totally into this! My cholesterol dropped 140 points and my BP is below 120/80! I must also say they encourage daily exercise and I have taken to that as well. The combination of eating wholesome foods and exercise are great for the body and I feel energized. The weight loss is an extra benefit! I tried so many ways to lose weight before and always failed, that is until now!

  • Shari says:

    I am constantly reading health information and I will now read those reports with a more critical eye. I never thought of it the way Howard Jacobson explains. I have a lot of health issues and I am excited to read this book. I hope I win!!!!!
    Become a critical consumer of health claims, and ask critical questions when you hear dubious ones. “Who funded the study? What are their assumptions? What problem are they trying to solve? What questions are the researchers asking (and what aren’t they asking)? What’s the evidence for their conclusions? What unforeseen consequences might come from accepting these conclusions?

  • Sheree says:

    Be a shinning example. I have been plant based for over 10 years and was a solo in our family at the time. Finally after about 7 years with all the remarks and jokes from our daughter she became plant based and her new born son too. Now I am just waiting for my husband to get on board. He does try foods and like some, but not ready to give up everything.

  • Emily says:

    Definitely the third interview question: List two activist steps that people can take to advance the Whole message in the world.

    I feel like I’ve taken the first two questions to heart and incorporated them into my lifestyle already. I now need to be a good example to others and when people ask, be more vocal about the wonderful changes I’ve made!

  • Christine says:

    What more can I do to advance this message? I am teaching Food for Life classes and it is so important to keep up with all the latest books and studies. I appreciate the advice to be a critical consumer when reading the latest. It is my biggest challenge in answering questions from my class attendees when there are numerous studies/books/websites/ads out there that conflict one another. I educate and point towards unbiased, research-based evidence regarding nutrition and health.

  • Christine says:

    I identify with the 1st question. I have just started this journey and working on getting rid of all we were told for all these years. I am listening and find this just makes so much more sense to me being in charge of my own health. I already feel better and have noticed subtle changes. Thanks for all the information, much appreciated.

  • BH says:

    I love the thought of being a walking billboard for healthy change. My transformation will be completely evident and I’ll have plenty of opportunity to point people in the direction of “having what I’m having”. Thanks for the good info. and chance to be “Whole”.

  • “Be the Example” When I adapted a plant based diet and lost 55 lbs. It was fuel to the fire to continue my eating and fitness habits. I want everyone to know that they too can make the change and have similar results.

  • Farah says:

    I liked the two action steps that Dr. Jacobson gave. I have spent a few months pouring over nutrition books, websites, and videos. They all point to the same type of diet; no animal products, no processed food, and eating whole foods! I have assessed my health, his first step, but I am having a hard time taking the plunge. He said 21 days, that sounds doable, I think I can do that! Who knows maybe I can get my husband to join me.

  • Ann says:

    The part where he tells us to assess our current health really speaks to me. My husband has Diabetes and severe heart disease and I have high blood pressure and RA. We both took a serious look at our health and our lack of energy and said something has to change. We started research the next day and cleaned out the fridge,freezer, and cupboards a few days later. We are now eating plant based with no processed products and have started the five minute quickies. It feels great to take ownership of our health.

  • YOUR NAME says:

    I wish more of my patients took his statement “No longer is your health and longevity in the hands of the fates, or dependent on the prescriptions of doctors and the good will of insurance companies. The real key to vibrant health is within your control – the food that you choose to put into your body every single day.”
    Yep, we each do really do have the greatest influence on our own health – no guarantees, but a wise lifestyle sure puts the odds in your favor.

  • I can relate to assess you current state of health. I followed Dr. Fuhrman’s ETL, never felt better, but my family always wants meat. Now my husband is paying the price, high BP, high cholestrol and gout. The Dr wants to put him on more meds, which are making him sicker. He is lethargic and tired and does not want to live this way, its not living. I told him the meds are just a band aid and the only way he can truly feel better is by changing his diet to plant based, it is the only solution. I just need some help now.

  • Nancy says:

    I like the part where he says to be a “shining example”.
    I do eat a vegetarian diet except for the dairy/cheese. I think about adding more variety in the way of produce and grains. I just need to get myself in gear and do it. I can’t be an example and help others if I am not living the plan. If I am living it, my life/the way I look will surely show it.

  • Nancy says:

    Access your current state of health. Is it where it should be. Right now it would not be. One thing I need to do is give up the cheese and sugar. My 2 biggest downfalls.

  • Martha says:

    The entire interview is great. What caught my attention in your interview is Howard’s statement to “become a critical consumer of health claims.” The average consumer just throws up their hands at conflicting health reports in the news. And unfortunately their response is normally, well I’ll just eat whatever I want then. So sad, when there is so much evidence that a WFPBNO is the ideal human eating plan. I’d love to have my own copy of Whole to share with family and friends. My pickiest eater when she was a child has become interested in eating healthier. This book would help her get on the right track without taking years to get it right! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • We’ve been plant-based for a while in our household but are making a move to eat more starch-based (a la Dr. McDougall) and cut out fats. And drink more water. Switching to a whole foods diet is our newest choice… we have lots of ‘supplements’ stored in various parts of our house that will need to be let go of– and NOT replaced when the next big marketing campaign comes home in our shopping bag from the health store. It is so fascinating that 99% of what we thought was Vitamin C activity in an apple is NOT… I didn’t know that! Thanks for this great interview– I look forward to reading WHOLE.

  • Linda Myler says:

    I am turning 60 on August 4th. After reading the interview I am giving myself the GIFT of health by doing the complete plant-based immersion for 21 days. I want my next 60 years to be healthy & compassionate without the food related illnesses the rest of my family suffers from. Simple, but not easy, I am in!

  • Louwana says:

    For me it is the statement about looking at the state of your blood work. I have been vegan for two years and my numbers are either in normal range or getting closer. I recently moved from setting weight base health goals to one based on my blood work numbers. I hope to have all my numbers in the normal range by time I do my next round of blood work this fall.

  • My biggest takeaway is “being a critical consumer” and paying attention to who is funding what study. Five years ago I moved away from my wonderful MD, Dr. Harold Hedges (one of the doctors mentioned in the original Yeast Connection) to the St. Louis area, where I have been struggling to find good health care ever since. I was spoiled with Dr. Hedges – he had already done the research, and knew which alternative treatments would work. He was also very concerned with diet. Now that I’m on my own, figuring out “what’s going on” has become of major importance. Looking forward to reading the book!

  • Hi Lani,
    I would identify best with the comment about being a shining example of what a WFPBD can do. At least weekly at my work lunch table (and sometimes more often!), I get comments from my coworkers about how beautiful my lunches look. I say thank you and explain what I put together. The response is always “That sounds so delicious!” I also get comments from people I haven’t seen in a while about how great I look and how my face has a “glow” to it. I tell them its all the vegetables!

  • Carol J says:

    I most identify with being a shining example of the WFPB diet. Those who watched me transform on the diet or who haven’t seen me in a long time want to know what I’ve done. Some are actively taking charge, trying to change their own diets. Others aren’t ready yet, but they are asking questions and acknowledging that there’s something to this plant based business. That a great first step.

  • Julie Torres says:

    ” Become a shining example of the goodness of the WFPB lifestyle. Walk around so people look at you and say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”
    I find this to be the most attractive way to inform people about a WFPB lifestyle. And I do believe that it is a lifestyle and not just a diet. When people ask why I have energy, or look the way I look, or eat differently than most other people, it gives me the opportunity to share some facts and offer them the hope that they need to become healthy too. This usually causes them to come back for more information because they don’t know where else to go to hear it. And that opens the door for DVD, book, and website recommendations.

  • Paul Berry says:

    I identify with living the lifestyle add an example, as well a questioning ‘health’ claims of the ‘wealth care’ system. I know I am healthiest on a WFPB diet/lifestyle, and further believe we are all healthiest when we employ a ‘health dose’ of skepticism.

  • Ed says:

    Activism – In small, delicate ways, without resorting to conspiracy theory, I like to inform friends of the ‘duping’ strategies employed by our marketing geniuses, such as 0 fat per serving of 100% fat cooking spray. When a report or results of a study finally reveal the evidence, I humbly, quietly, gloat, and carve up an apple.

    : )

  • Jenny k says:

    I identify with his statement that most of what you’ve been told about nutrition isn’t true. As a vegan I am regularly confronted by “facts” that people believe about food. I have had to become an arm-chair nutritionist to defend my food choices. But it is a great opportunity to educate people about the misinformation that abounds. I would love to read this book and have more information to tell people.

  • Mike cross says:

    I believe everything about whole and a plant based whole foods diet. I appriciate all the summaries and takeaways. Living it has changed my life absolutly!!!!! sharing it is helping others.

  • YOUR NAME says:

    I most identified with the statement “You can prevent, halt, and even reverse most diseases through an “open-source” approach to health.”

    Personally, I reversed early-onset, debilitating arthritis, chronic bronchitis & depression. My husband reversed an early onset, chronic and worsening GI tract issue that had stumped the doctors. Our daughter stopped having ear infection, became more calm & able to concentrate.

    A have personally seen people we know/knew reverse advanced heart disease, diabetes & high blood pressure.

  • I have read the book. I think the takeaway for most people needs to be “become a critical consumer of health claims”. This is where most people I know go wrong. I thought The China Study was amazing and was surprised at the lack of response in the mainstream press. But I shouldn’t have been. Whole explains why.

  • Kris says:

    Howard Jacobsen’s comment that the key to vibrant health is in my control – what I put into my mouth really hit home. It is absolutely the empowering truth!

    I especially liked what your referenced from Whole – about the apple. I have a tendency to isolate foods – thinking of them as independent elements I need to get into my system rather than as a network of foods that need each other to bring out their best. Very helpful information for me.

    Thank you!

  • […] another reviewer, Lani Meulrath (it’s worth reading her review for more insight into the book), I offer here an excerpt from […]

  • Sandra Behn says:

    I identify with the idea that you can halt, stop, reverse, and prevent diseases by what you eat. The old saying you are what you eat. I would love to win a copy of this book!
    Thank You.

  • I have been tryng to be “plant strong” for several months now ans progress is slow for me as I am a full time power wheelchair user as a result of post-polio sequelae. My frustration lies in the fact that I must “conserve to preserve” my motor damaged neurons and the exercise is out. But changing the way I see food and trying to change my relationship with food to be the example of a more healthy lifestyle. It is difficult when cooking is difficult to do complicated recipes but Jeff Novick R.D. has helped wit that. Forks over Knives and the China Study and Drs. Esselstyn and Colin make the evidence of we must change our relationship with food and be healthier to life. I am now looking forward to reading Whole.

  • Kim Stephens says:

    I really like the 2 immediate action steps question, as I currently eat healthy, but have never done a full plant based diet. I may be ready to do a 21 day immersion after reading the book.

  • Being an informed consumer is what strikes me as most important. Never pay attention to the marketing lies on the front of the box and do learn to read labels. Pay attention to the real information on the back of the box. Hidden fats and sodium are lurking in many corners. Know what you consume. I can’t wait for WHOLE as whole foods are what we should be eating, get away from the processing and the perception of easier as we kill ourselves in the process.

  • Joan says:

    I think the question about 2 immediate steps to take speaks to me the most. It is so easy to get lazy and so hard to break life-long habits, so I really like the 21 day WFPB challenge. I decided to go vegan a couple of years but have recently gotten lazy about asking to have the cheese left off the salad or to plan interesting vegan meals. I like the challenge to really think about exactly what I decide to put into my body.

  • Sue M says:

    I think for anyone reading the book ‘Whole”, I think two immediate action steps that people can take to advance the Whole message in their lives is an important first action step. I find that asessing your current state of health could be a great motivator.

  • Christiana says:

    I really identify with Jacobson’s statement that,”Most of what you’ve been told about nutrition just isn’t true.” Profit is definitely the main focus for food companies and I’d argue, many doctors too.

    For instance, just because something is “diet” or “low-fat” does not mean it’s good for you. Flip that box over and you may discover you can’t pronounce half of what’s in it. Probably not good for your body. If more people ate a whole foods plant-based diet there would be a dramatic decline in food allergies, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many more illnesses.

  • Plant based diet is the way to go in 2013 to be healthy. You can feel wonderful eating that way!
    I didn’t read the book but I hope I will read it very soon!


  • Peter Rowe says:

    Interesting question, which of the interview questions hit home the most… My answer is that his answers are much like the message of WFPB nutrition itself. The three questions cover different aspects, all important, of the same subject, ie the knowledge and understanding of the science behind WFPB eating, the question/process of switching to that, and then the responsibility to spread that information farther. You can’t really separate out one from the others. I’ve followed all three aspects, finding the info, learning more about it, changing my own eating, and eagerly sharing what I’ve found with anyone who’ll listen. All three aspects continue to be ongoing processes in my life. The initial info for me came from seeing Sanjay Gupta show the Forks over Knives video, and interview president Clinton on CNN a couple years ago. Then found Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and later, Dr. Campbell. By now I’ve met them both in depth on a Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise where they both were among a range of speakers. And my personal particular motivation, heart disease and type 1 diabetes (since I was 16, 45 years ago) both have benefited from these discoveries. No turning back now. Now it’s no longer just a way to eat and live. Now it’s not just a “mission”, but hell, it’s also a lot of fun!

  • LuLu says:

    Hi, I will also copy and paste the article as I is so full of good info. I am “close to” vegan, just close, but my husband not at all. He had a pretty serious illness and accidentally watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. It opened his eyes as he was on the same medications as Joe Cross. We eat tons more plant foods now and have 1 or 2 green drinks every day, no exceptions! He is off his medications, lost weight, and looks so much better. His chronic cough is GONE! I continue to be in good health. We both know that plant foods are the way to go. Now to just get him off dairy, it’ll happen I know. Thanks for your newsletters Lani and for sharing all the info you give us. I feel my husband is an accidental shining example, unknowingly to him, but he’s truly helping others with his good health. Mahalo to you and Howard. LuLu

    • Lulu,

      What a fabulous report! I am thrilled that this article has struck home for you on so many points – and for the great changes in health you and your husband are experiencing! Brava!

      Thanks so much for sharing –


  • I like the immersion concept — that if you try it for 21 days, you probably won’t go back. That’s something I’m working on right now. I’m loving my “experiment.”

  • Sounds great Robyn! Can’t wait to hear a report from you on how it goes – keep me posted!


  • My husband has just discovered The China Study and has immediately taken an interest in our diet. While we’ve always eaten fairly healthy, our eyes have been opened even further, and we’ve begun to make even more changes down a healthier path. Whole looks to be the perfect gift for Christmas!! Thank you for the interview.

    • Hi Kim!

      So excited for the two of you and the journey! I hope you’ll keep in touch as you advance through the process – the best is yet to come!

      Happy Holidays and you’re right about the perfect Christmas gift!


  • Thank you for your great contribution that is transforming & saving many lives – GO VEGAN!! :0)

  • Ana says:

    I guess the giveaway was for last year huh? My favorite question was about what you want readers to take away from WHOLE.

    “The profit motive has replaced most science with marketing, and few people in government or media or medicine are incentivizes or even trained to tell the difference.”

    Unfortunately this is all too true. Smuckers right now is being attacked by some online groups exposing the fact that they are trying to start “Organic” products with another name while at the same time paying millions to lobby against GMO labeling.

    I think it’s great that you’re giving out good, untainted info.

  • Luci says:

    I like the try it for 21 days answer. I’m ready for a new challenge & I think I can do 21 days … just need to learn what I’m doing first!

  • Samantha says:

    So exciting! I just finished the China Study and it opened my eyes to a broader scope of life I’ve never seen before. I think it’s great that these books are out and hopefully more people take the time to read them. I’ve always ate healthy, but I recently decided to go vegan and it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. I think the key is to stay updated with information that reliable people are willing to give you! Look for the truth :) This book looks great, I’m super interested in getting it. Congrats!

  • Garage Gyms says:

    I read China Study years ago. I need to revisit it since I didn’t make any long-term changes at the time. I remember it scared me, but I guess not enough =/

  • […] of phone time!  I see him as a major nutrition paradigm shifter of our time – and his book Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition underscores the theme of  wholistic reflected in The Plant-Based Journey. I also spoke at length […]

  • I am just in the beginning stages of adopting a plant-based diet. I appreciate the takeaways and action steps discussed in the interview. I would love a copy of the book in order to further my new lifestyle. Thank you!

  • […] Milton Mills with Chef Aj as entertaining MC. Dr. T. Colin Campbell spoke, as did Dr. Neal Barnard, Howard Jacobson, Victoria Moran, and Brenda Davis […]

  • Laura says:

    My husband was just diagnosed with metastatic spinal tumors and we have been told he must undergo radiation and chemo right away and it doesn’t look good. We don’t even know where the cancer originated. Anyway…I am learning…and FAST…that standard medical treatment might be more dangerous than taking a whole foods approach to curing or halting his cancer. It amazes me how jaded we’ve been, even though we eat a mostly organic diet and been “moderate” about our nutrition. I realize so much information gets lost because we are inundated to the point of brain-washing about what is healthy for us, when most of the time, it’s an inaccurate portrayal of what a really healthy diet should be. We need books like this to help us clarify the truth about food, how we should eat, and how to become more critical consumers in an industry rife with misconception and deceit.

  • DT says:

    I spent the entirety of my life struggling through depression and addiction….I was even a “juice monkey” for 3 years straight (steroids). I’m you’re typical meat eating jacked up gym rat…however past 3 years of my life my depression and addiction got at its worst. I thought it was because of my life problems and I’m very hard on myself so I kept asking myself WTF is wrong with me? I’m no where near where I wanted to be in life and I wasn’t sure why…I wanted to end it…I just KNEW something was wrong with me. I thought it was adhd, or depression, or addiction, or the fact that I just went through bankruptcy etc etc etc that my mind wasn’t working….anyways I was rock bottom health due to addiction, lost my body which I worked so hard for but didn’t even care and after watching foodmatters and hunger for change and fork over knives I started to finally understand EVERYTHING! Because I did spend a LOT of time learning about nutrition myself…(I’m obsessed)…I instantly understood everything and got ANGRY! I was MALNOURISHED….especially due to the fact that I was an addict and wasn’t eating…anyways made a 180 change on my high animal protein intake to a complete plant based diet and WOW! My depression completely went away, no more addiction….a whole different part of my mind opened up…finally understand the word CLARITY and HAPPINESS…my skin completely cleared of acne from the addiction and was healing at an incredible rate…I can go on and on and on…from being calorically focused to now being NUTRITIONALLY focused…and it saved my life! All this crap you read normally is almost always only about how much macro nutrients you need and at what ratio…when the real answer is the MICRO NUTRIENTS and having a focus on that and you will never get enough unless you eat a lot of PLANTS!!!!!I was on a suicidal path now I’m on a mission to get this out!!!

    • DT, thanks for sharing the struggles of your journey and congratulations on making these life transforming changes. No small feat, and I’m sure an inspiration to others who read this today and down the road. How long did it take you to make your transition? Do you go 100% overnight? And what kind of support did you have? I specialize in helping people transition to healthy plant-based lifestyle and am keenly interested in everyone’s journey.

      Thank you for sharing so much today! How did our paths cross, by the way?


      • DT says:

        It was an overnight transition complete 180 overhaul. I do things to the extreme I don’t believe in small baby steps…and as for support…me? I like to deal with my own issues on my own so as for support I was the only one there really.

        And no problem for sharing!!! I went on to thechinstudy.com site because I’m reading it and I saw a post that led to here…was regarding fitness I believe…and I wanted to read more because I’m a fitness fanatic…want to shatter everyone’s beliefs on animal protein by getting my body back to where it was through plants ONLY so thought I’d read up on what the article may have been.

        I notice a dramatic difference in performance, recovery and gains with a plant based diet. So I’m 100% sure I will get my body beyond what it was before.

        I’m on a mission! =D

        • Hey DT,

          Thank you for coming by to tell your story and I’m glad you found my article at the Center for Nutrition Studies site for The China Study/T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Is this the article to which you refer?

          Getting a jump on the plant-based journey: Two ways exercise speeds successful transition

          You didn’t mention a timeline – other than 180 overhaul – and it would be great to hear more. How long ago did you make the plant-based shift? And what was your inspiration?

          Great to hear your excellent results!


          • DT says:

            The article I clicked on was “Giveaway of WHOLE on The Plant-Based Fitness Expert – See more at: link to thechinastudy.com“.

            As for timeline as in how long its been since I made the change? It’s ONLY been a month on the dot right now…and the changes in my mind, my body, skin, health etc happened so rapidly…that I absolutely knew without a doubt that this was the right thing to be doing. I look and act completely different now…and everyone I speak to is even saying holy shit how do you have so much energy!!! I’ve already helped make 2 people change just through my story and I’ve only told 5 people.

            And before when I was in my super fit mode and not on anything…everyone would always ask me to train them or give them nutrition advice…and I never really wanted to because I wasn’t confident in the whole grain lean meats thing…did it give me results…yes…is it better then your typical diet hell yes…but I did not feel GREAT on it…extra energy? Hell no…but with just plants and strategically setting up my meals for example morning shake pre workout is Goji Berries (increases hgh), chia seeds, spirulina, hemp protein, non-gmo roasted soybeans, flax seeds, oatmeal, banana, apple…all put in there for there own specific reason…and I’ll have another for example with 1 cup spinach, 1 cup parsley, 1 cup brocolli, 1 cup tomatoe…which REALLY helps with my skin cause I’m coming from a destroyed face…my entire days eating plan is structured like that. Nothing goes in unless there’s a purpose. I think plain and simply people…like me before…just simply are not getting enough of the plants to notice and realize the benefits…so it will always be hard for them to understand.

            As for my inspiration…was the fact that I wasn’t dead…and I’d wake up thinking how the hell am I still alive…after being awake for 3-5 days no food and living off of a substance this went on for weeks on end. I wanted a way out some how some way whether through not waking up or….and I did this 180 and wow…cause I was literally rock bottom health, going through severe depression and totally malnourished and liver probably destroyed…so I was in a position to really notice the dramatic change…and it only took ONE DAY for me to notice! I was blown away.

          • DT – how fascinating to read more about your journey. What a process of discovery! Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • […] may recognize Howard as the co-author of WHOLE: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, with T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, write his latest bestseller. You’ve […]

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