How to cook beans in 10 minutes: Meet Jill the pressure cooker expert (+ giveaway!)

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Beans in 10 minutes?

If those four words don’t get your fired up about the pressure cooker, I don’t know what will.

For someone like me who loves to eat, but cooking –  not so much – fast, simple and healthy reign supreme when it comes to the kitchen.  I’ve been a big fan of the pressure cooker for years (thanks Mom!)  for that very reason, and it plays a big role in my whole-foods, plant-based diet and Fit Quickies fitness lifestyle.

But I too have a lot to learn about pressure cooker magic and was excited to get a copy of Jill Nissonow’s ebook, The New Fast Food – 243 pages of recipes, instruction, and tips into all things pressure cooker.

And lucky for us, Jill is giving away a copy of The New Fast Food to a lucky reader right here  at plant-based fitness.  Find out how below.

Meet Jill Nussinow, the Veggie Queen and pressure cooker expert

In her own words:

I am passionate about pressure cooking since it truly changed my cooking life. I use my pressure cooker almost every day and honestly I have to attribute some of my good health to using it. I can make great tasting food really quickly. Of course, I still have to shop for the best-tasting ingredients such as vegetables and other produce. Turning fresh ingredients and pantry staples into a meal is far easier for me than jumping in the car and purchasing processed food which I avoid when possible.

Jill has been teaching plant-based cooking at Santa Rosa Junior College in California for over 20 years.  She also teaches at other cooking schools throughout the U.S. and does cooking demonstrations at farmer’s markets and other events. Her goa? To create vegetable enthusiasm wherever she goes.

Meet Jill’s book The New Fast Food

newfastfoodIf you like Jill’s beans in ten minutes tip and want more, check out her book The New Fast Food. This downloadable ebook in PDF format teaches you:

  • all that you need to know about pressure cooking from what to look for when buying one
  • how pressure cookers work
  • how to successfully cook in one
  •  more than 100 recipes, each of which can be cooked in less than 30 minutes.

Jill packs her more than 15 years of pressure cooking knowledge and teaching into timing charts and recipes for grains, beans, vegetables, soups, stew, chili and other mixed dishes, as well as desserts – 222 pages that you can be printed out as needed. Learn how to save time, money, personal and planetary energy with the greenest, tastiest and most eco-friendly way to cook.

How to enter the Win a Copy of The New Fast Food contest:

It’s easy!  And you can enter more than once, depending.

1)  For one entry in the random prize drawing:  In comments below, answer one of the following questions:

1:  I love my pressure cooker because…., or

2:  I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because….

2)  BONUS entry 1: Complete #1 above and  like this page on facebook

3)  BONUS entry 2: Complete #1 above and follow this page on Pinterest

Contest entry example:

1)  I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I am terrified of the pressure situation!

2)  I clicked ‘like’ on the facebook page

3)  I followed the Pinterest page



There you have it!

This contest with run through Friday, January 25, 9:00 pm Pacific.  The winner will be announced on Sunday, January 27. 

P.S.  After you’ve entered the contest,  here’s my go-to pressure cooker recipe for lentil soup:  My simple soup trick to up your veggie count and get your skinny on (video)

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  • Katherine says:

    Great video. Both of them.

    Here’s my entry:

    1) Terrified of pressure cooker, I confess. This may be just the thing I need to get over the fear.

    2) Just liked the fb page
    3) Followed on pinterest

    Thanks! Excellent tips!


  • Lois says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because it’s at the top of my “wish list” for this year!!

  • Samantha says:

    Thanks Lani and Jill!

    1 – always need more cooking tips and would love to have a copy of this to go along with Lani’s Plant-Based Blueprint

    2 – already following on fb
    3 – love your pinterest page! Just followed.


  • Lois says:

    I liked your page on fb under name of Joanne Fenimore

  • Lindsay says:

    1) I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I want to cook things faster…especially beans. :)

    2) I clicked ‘like’ on the facebook page

  • Lois says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest as Bonnie Fenimore

  • 1) I want to learn more about the pressure cooker because since giving up fast food – I need to know how to cook food fast!
    2) I liked this page long ago on FaceBook
    3) I followed the Pinterest page.

    Thank you!


  • Karen says:

    I am a little nervous about using a pressure cooker! Whole food recipes would be great!

  • Lani — Thanks so much for this, and what great timing! Just last night, I was just reading about pressure cooking in my Eat Vegan on $4 a Day cookbook and was fascinated by the short cooking times. What a convenience for a bean-loving gal like myself! I’m definitely adding “pressure cooker” to my wish list and would love to have a great PB-cookbook for inspiration and instruction!

    2) I’ll definitely like this on FB
    3) And follow it on Pinterest!

  • Nancy J says:

    Lani, Thanks much for sharing this video. Great timing for me.
    1. I love my pressure cooker because it saves so much time and makes everything taste great. It really blends the flavors.
    2. I’d love to learn more about using it. I had never used a pressure cooked until about a year ago. The one that my mother had scared me to death, and then when I started eating a plant-based diet I decided to be brave and buy one. However, now they are electric and there is nothing to be afraid of. I use my pressure cooked every week to cook up a big batch of Yukon golds which really saves me throughout the week. It is the perfect snack at 3pm when my work days ends at 4:30 and I want some energy to work out when I get home. I used the pressure cooker just last weekend to make CHef AJ’s split pea soup and it came out perfectly! Now I’m eager to use it for more things (especially beans!) and for me recipes. So this couldn’t have been better timed! THanks again!

  • I need to learn how to use a pressure cooker, cause when the pressure is on (and that’s a lot), a good nutritious and QUICK meal could make all the difference!

  • Wow….great tips for quicker meals!

    I have never used a pressure cooker – not really sure how it worked and what foods I could cook in it, I guess….open to finding out that’s for sure!

    I have liked the FB page.

    I ‘ve pinned it and will follow.

    Thanks Lani and Jill

  • 1-I love my pressure cooker because it cooks fast and easy. I just need to learn how to use it more.

    2-just liked you on Facebook.

  • Solene says:

    1) I love my pressure cooker because I’ve grown up with my mum using hers almost every single day. When I moved out I bought one for myself and use it mostly to cook all my beans from scratch.

    2) I already liked your page of Facebook

    3) I’m already a follower on Pinterest!

  • Ellie says:

    I have a pressure cooker and want to learn how to use it!

  • Ellie says:

    I also liked this page on Facebook.

  • Kate says:

    1. I took a cooking class here in Boulder at the School of Natural Cookery and ALMOST bought a pressure cooker, but didn’t. It’s time to get over that fear!

    2. Liked and shared on FB

    3. Followed on Pinterest!

  • YOUR NAME says:

    1. I just bought a pressure cooker in December and I’d love to have more vegan recipes to try.

    2) I clicked ‘like’ on the facebook page

  • Sybil JAnke says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I I I know it will help me cook meals that contain more foods from ta natural “from the field state”.

  • Teresa says:

    I want to learn more about the pressure cooker because I just received a pressure cooker for Christmas. Like on Facebook and already am following on pinterest! Thanks for the opportunity and all that you do!

  • Sherri B says:

    I would like to learn more about pressure cooking because I have a pressure cooker and haven’t used it since I went to a mainly vegetarian diet.

  • Gloria says:

    I’ve always been a little afraid of pressure cookers but, since we’ve been living in Costa Rica, we’re eating more beans now I want to learn to use one! Starting by “liking you” on Facebook.

  • My Great-Aunt and Grandmother used pressure cookers, and my Mom a little too, but I’ve always been afraid of them. I have been following a whole-food plant-based diet for over two years now and we use a lot of beans. I cook them from dried, typically in the slow cooker, but it takes a long time. It’s so much easier to open a can, but that is more expensive and a lot more waste. If I could cook a batch of beans in the time it takes to chop my onions and any other veggies I might be using, that would be a great improvement. I would love to learn more and get over my fear.

  • Amy says:

    I just bought an Instantpot electric pressure cooker and need inspiration and ideas. So far just tried beans but with no seasoning and they need some flavor. Help please!

  • Lori says:

    I want to learn more about cooking with a pressure cooker because I have been hearing such great things about the. I am trying to decide if I would rather get a stove-top one or an Instapot that can do multiple jobs. Thanks for the great video!

  • Ruth says:

    I have been eating plant-based for over 6 years now. I love it. I would love to learn more about pressure cooking to help save energy, water and time.

  • Debby says:

    I would love to learn more about pressure cookers/cooking because I have used a pressure cooker in the past that always seemed to get clogged and cause trouble when cooking beans. My son used one in Brazil for nearly everything though, and loved it. I’ve been using a slow cooker, but requires me to plan way ahead, which doesn’t always happen. We have many food allergies in our family, so HAVE to cook everything from whole foods ourselves.

    I like the Facebook page.

    I clicked follow on Pinterest.

  • Priscilla says:

    I’ve never tried a pressure cooker. Love the idea of spending less time cooking and more time enjoying! Thanks!

  • Rachael says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I just bought one and it arrives next week!!! :-)

  • Sandra says:

    I would love a copy of Jill’s book to assist in my understanding of nutrition and as an aid for cooking in my new Instant Pot. This will help me:

    1. Cook wonderful, nutritious food in minimal time;
    2. Love what I am doing for my own health and that of my family members.

    Can you please give me a boost?

  • Rob says:

    2. I have been eyeing different pressure cookers, both the electric and stovetop and have no idea what I’m doing. Will an inexpensive pressure cooker be just as good? Do I need to purchase a fagor? How about a swiss model. Is it worth the extra hundred dollars? No idea. Hope this book shows me how!

  • Ellen says:

    1. I want to learn more about cooking with a pressure cooker because I thought I knew how to cook beans until I watched this video; now I wonder what else I could do better.

    2. I like the page on FB.

    3. I followed the Pinterest page.

  • 1. I just bought myself a nice, new pressure cooker for Christmas… and haven’t used it yet because I’m still nervous! I have sitting down to figure it out and find recipes on my to-do list. I am so busy busy that I KNOW getting comfortable with how to use it would be SO very helpful in getting healthy meals prepared when I just don’t have time to mess around with extended prep and monitoring times.
    2. I liked on FB
    3. I followed on Pinterest

  • Darryll says:

    It gets me in and out of the kitchen fast & helps maintain higher levels of nutrition in the foods you cook in it.

  • Tricia Young says:

    1. I’d like to learn more about using a pressure cooker. My mom used one but it always scared me a bit. If it will speed up the cooking process and keep in nutrients, I’d love to learn how to use one!
    2. I “liked” your facebook page just yesterday…does that count? And I liked the post.
    3. I am now following all your boards on Pinterest.
    :o) Tricia

  • I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because…I’ve recently adopted the McDougall WOE and even though I have had my pressure cooker for nearly 50 years! [YES it is an oldie but goodie with new gaskets once in a while…] I want to learn NEW ways of preparing vegan dishes in this ol’ pot! BTW…I did get a brand new electric cooker for Christmas…so 2 reasons to learn more!

  • Melody says:

    1. I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I enjoy having beans in my diet but I’ve become concerned about BPAs in canned foods… so I would like to be able to cook my own and not have it take so long.
    2. liked your page
    3. following you on Pinterest

  • Eva says:

    1. I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I was always afraid to use one but want to make beans myself rather than buying canned all the time…and cook up more vegan recipes too!
    2. Liked your page
    3. Following you on Pinterest

  • Lori Krueger says:

    1) I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I am have a busy schedule and am intrigued to learn to cook healthy faster!

    2) I clicked ‘like’ on the facebook page

    3) I followed the Pinterest page

  • cynthia says:

    I love my pressure cooker because it’s fast, especially for cooking beans, and we eat LOTS of beans. I always bought the big #10 cans, but with concerns about BPA, making dried beans seems a lot safer for my family, and the pressure cooker means I don’t have to plan so far in advance.

  • Lori Lynn says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I purchased one last year and I get so frustrated if I cook something slightly under. Then I have to redo it all and the slow pressure release takes so long. I need help. And I would love your book.

  • Debbie says:

    I would love to learn to use the pressure cooker because I want to start using more dried legumes and less canned ones. Nothing like whole foods recipes from scratch!

  • Tracy says:

    I love my pressure cooker for making mushroom asparagus risotto. That’s all I use it for. I am ashamed to admit that. I am interested in the book so i can use it for more than one recipe! I already do #2 and 3. Thanks!

  • Mary says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I would like to start using dried legumes and to be able to spend less time in cooking nutritious meals.

  • Natalie says:

    1) I want to learn how to use my pressure cooker for complete meals. Since switching to a plant based diet cooking has taking up considerable time and its difficult with a young family. I need to dust off my pressure cooker and put it to good use.

    2) Liked on Facebook

    3) Followed on Pinterest

  • Sandy Pluss says:

    Hi Lani, – thanks for this post & giveaway! :-)
    Here’s my entry –>
    -I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I only know how to cook beans & not real meals! I’m sure it can make many wonderful things but I’m scared to try! hahahaaa
    – I’m already a facebook and pinterest follower :D

  • CJ says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because my mom used to use one and I loved the beans and veggie-based stew dinners she made!

  • Peggy Arms says:

    The crock pot is my favorite kitchen ‘gadget!’. Have been using it all my life. Even have a Presto that is so old they no longer carry parts for it. Couldn’t do without one!

  • Awilda says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve always been afraid of pressure cookers! I’ve heard horrors stories if them exploding, that I’ve always talked myself out of getting one. BUT Inthink it’s time to face this fear and learn how to use one …and use it! I live on beans, and I know it would make my life a lot easier, not to mention the chance to make affordable, healthier dry beans, soups and stocks!

  • Awilda says:

    Lani, first you make me get up off my comfy couch, and now a pressure cooker?! Wow! What’s next…a marathon? Lol, thanks!

  • Vicki says:

    We have a new pressure cooker and I have no idea how to use it; what I DO have is much fear of the contraption that looks so innocent sitting there on the counter. We are new to a plant-based lifestyle and I have been cooking my little heart out, reading everything I can get my hands on and growing more confident with all kinds of recipes. I’d love to add the pressure cooker to my repertoire! Thanks.

  • Dalores says:

    I want to know how to use a pressure cooker because I don’t really understand it. I need to be able to cook quicker.

  • I absolutely could not live without my pressure cooker! I was afraid at first, but after just one time, never again. It makes the best split pea, Middle Eastern Lentil and California Creamed Kale. I use it for beans almost exclusively. I’ve had mine for years an 8 quart Chef’s Design. It is a perfect size for my 6 member family. Now that they are all growing up, I could see using a smaller one someday. I have the book, Vegetarian Eating Under Pressure, by Lorna Sass. A pressure cooker is essential to rounding out a healthy menu.
    Thanks for bringing this information to us.

  • Michelle says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I want to avoid eating my dinner being off the ceiling!

  • I love my pressure cooker because so many foods cook faster in it, not just beans. Goodbye hours trying to get whole beets to cook. Welcome better flavor with less salt! Welcome lower electric bills.

  • Mary says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because

  • Mary says:

    I want to learn more about how to use a pressure cooker because I am relearning how to cook to support my new life of plant based eating.

  • Ruby Aguilar says:

    I have owned a pressure cooker for years and have never used it. I am transitioning toward more many more veggies and legumes in my diet due to my lupus. You book could get me off to a better start!

  • Brenda Grant says:

    I love my pressure cooker because I am very busy with church, college & life. I need a quick way to cook life-giving plant-based food. I’m 57 & went back to college to learn sign language so my turn around time as slowed a bit.

    I have liked this on Facebook & followed on Pinterest

  • Amanda says:

    I am very interested in learning about a pressure cooker, because my grandmother used one all the time, but she died before she could teach me. So, honestly, I’m pretty freaked out by the machine, even though I know it’s so helpful in the kitchen!

  • D'Ann Martin says:

    Hi Lani!
    I want to learn more about a pressure cooker because I just won one on ebay for $38 including shipping! Gotta love a smokin’ hot deal like that! I got a Fagor, brand new but slight dent on the side but otherwise works great, (as they say so fingers crossed!) It is an electic 3-in-1 model that is a pressure cooker, rice cooker and slow cooker all in one. I’m very limited in space, so this bad boy might solve my lack of space issues! So much easier to use appliances that you don’t have to dig out! Can’t wait to make your soup recipe when it arrives! Just need to find me some orange lentils:) Thanks so much for inspiring us all!!!

    2) I already liked your page of Facebook

    3) I’m already a follower on Pinterest!

  • Kathleen says:

    Thanks Lani and Jill for the giveaway.

    1. I love my pressure cooker and use it everyday. Food cooks much faster, the food has more flavour, it retains more of its nutrients and the pressure cooker is more energy efficient.

    2. I follow you on fb

    3. I follow you on Pinterest

  • Kris says:

    1. I am terrified of the pressure cooker. I’ve owned a stove top one for 7 years and NEVER used it. I also have an electric one and haven’t ever used it, either. That’s crazy! I want so much to cross that scary threshold and put these tools to great use like you and Jill do so well. I buy dried beans, store them and then never cook them. It is time!

    2. I liked your page on Facebook.
    3. I followed your pinterest page.
    4. I actually have Jill’s cookbook on my wishlist on Amazon and on order – so what a treat it would be to win my own copy. Sort of a pressure cooker good luck blessing, I’d say! Thanks for the chance. I have your book on order, too.


  • I want to learn more about using a pressure cooker because I received one as a gift 2 Christmases ago and have never used it! If it can help me make nutritious and delicious vegan meals quickly, then I’m ready to go!

    I just liked this page on Facebook!

  • YOUR NAME says:

    Thank you – just purchased a combo slow cooker/pressure cooker and have only used the slower cooker feature. This will give me the courage to try the pressure cooker portion…! Think of the money I can save by giving up canned beans!
    And, I’ve like you on Facebook – next step is to check out the book and see if it’s available for my Kindle.

    Thanks! Debra

  • Linda says:

    I am always trying to find new ways of preparing foods.
    I clicked like on the facebook page.

  • I wish that you could all win a copy of this book because it would help you get, and stay, on the road to better health through faster and easier cooking. You are all winners, even if only 1 of you gets the book.

    I just want the rest of you to know that until January 31st, I have a sale on my books and DVDs on my website. They are available for shipping in the US for $20.13. I am basically paying for your shipping, except for the pressure cooking DVD for which you are getting a 20% discount and I pay for the shipping.

    I am committed to getting this information to you for your health and happiness.

    The paperback cookbook that you get from my website is a more updated version that what you’ll find on Amazon and it also is printed in the US on recycled paper by an employee-owned company and has a lay-flat binding which makes for easier use in the kitchen. (I am into local, organic and sustainable and this just makes sense to me even though it costs more for me.)

    The ebook is delivered electronically and that is also available on my website.

    Check it out and eat more “fast food”. http://www.theveggiequeen.com

  • I never used a pressure cooker! I would love to learn!

  • […] may recognize Jill from her pressure cooker cookbook The New Fast Food. Jill Nussinow MS, RD, l is a nutrition professional, and a registered dietitian at the Masters […]

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